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Personality assesments are static!

Every time you take a personality test, you feel you know yourself a little more. But have you noticed how the scores differ every time? That’s not because the test was wrong the first time, but because you have changed! You don’t need to adjust to fit anywhere, you just need a framework that takes your transformation into account. The first tool to assess the growth and the achievements you made in your life to get yourself happier on all aspects of life is here. The entire journey is personalized to you! The science of transformation and brain rewiring will help you see yourself with new eyes, freed from the old conditioning.


There is no "ONe Size fits all"

The main differentiation between taking the “pulse” of your mood and asking yourself how you really feel will make a huge impact on your daily perceptions. Every time you open the app, the guide will try to bring a new perspective from your own personal biodata. Every moment of the day may bring a new trigger from your past which gets tracked and stored on your personal blueprint so you can reframe your core beliefs with a holistic tool.

Blueprint of personal history

Your own story will vary according to the mood you have at a given time. We allow you to store some basic milestones and facts and review the perception you have over events as you grow further in emotional distance from them.


The key role of the app is to offer the option to log in what triggered you in a specific context and learn which event from your past might give it the emotional intensity in the present. This way you reframe what once was a hidden iceberg and you bring more into your consciousness!


Using machine learning and AI, the app helps you log in daily results and fill in your personal biodata. 

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The assessment tool that gives you perspective and awareness over your patterns helping the brain rewire its old conditioning.

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